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Brackett Foundation Repairs’ Brackets and Helical Piles

Brackett Foundation Repairs designs and manufactures high quality steel brackets and helical piles (piles). Our team visits with businesses which use this kind of equipment, and with ones who would like to begin doing foundation repair. Brackett is known as having the bes .... Read more...

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Foundation Repair Installer Training Offered in Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina

Interested in getting into the foundation repair business? Brackett Foundation Repairs offers foundation repair installer training from its headquarters in Raleigh – Durham, North Carolina At Brackett Foundation Repairs we have the most versatile and easy to use fo .... Read more...

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How to Protect New Home Construction from Foundation Failure

Can new home construction be protected from foundation failure? In an earlier blog post we listed three reasons why new homes can have foundation failures and explained why you need to hire a soils engineer to evaluate your house plot before building. If the engineer deter .... Read more...

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Building A New Home? Get a Soils Engineer First

You would be surprised to know that new homes have foundation repair problems. Why? They built on soil that was not well compacted They did not test the soil for load bearing capacity They did not evaluate the soil for expansive clay content So if  you’re getting r .... Read more...

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Brackett Installs New Construction Piling

Often we think of foundation repair with older buildings, after the earth under them has settled. But we also do preventive work. When builders are building on ground which doesn’t provide adequate support for the buildings, new construction helical piles can be insta .... Read more...

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