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At Brackett Foundation Repairs, we recognize that it’s an emotional thing to realize you may have a foundation problem at your house.

If your bricks are cracked on the exterior, or the sheetrock is broken around doors or windows inside or if you notice there’s a gap between the house and the chimney- all of those are issues that may be related to foundation failure — and that’s the types of problems we solve.

We are experts in foundation repair and what we want to do is put you at ease- and so that’s one less thing you have to worry about. We work with some of the best engineers in the area make sure that the repair plan that’s put in place in your house is most cost-effective and exactly what you need.

You’re probably wondering – how much is it going to cost? What is it going to take to make this kind of repair? We’ll go over all that with you- put you completely at ease – and let you know that we’re here to take care of your house.

If you do feel you have a potential foundation failure in your house encourage we you to consider us a trusted resource. Give us a call at or fill out the form on our web site today.

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Ben Brackett, President of Brackett