About Brackett Foundation Repairs

Most of our business comes from referral. when we are speaking to someone typically they have already heard about our company from a friend or from a neighbor that we have done some work for — so they already have a little history about who we are.

We’ve been around since 1972 when we started working as a homebuilder and custom remodeler.

In order to remodel a lot of homes we found that we had to make a lot of foundation repairs before we could even get started. As we continued to learn and gather experience doing those kinds of repairs, homeowners started calling us just for foundation repairs and we migrated into this exclusive specialty.

We recognize you’re talking about your house here. Your house is more than just a structure. It’s where your family lives and it’s where you raise your children. What we are here to do is make sure is that your house will be safe and sound.

We want to bring that level of confidence and trust to you as we have for so many other homeowners in the area.

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Ben Brackett, President of Brackett