Building A New Home? Get a Soils Engineer First

You would be surprised to know that new homes have foundation repair problems. Why?

  • They built on soil that was not well compacted
  • They did not test the soil for load bearing capacity
  • They did not evaluate the soil for expansive clay content

So if  you’re getting ready to build from the ground up, invest early and get a soils engineer out to your site before the footings for the foundation go in.

The soils engineer will test your soil for load bearing capacity and expansive clay content. Get the report and bring these results to your builder. If there’s a problem with the load bearing capacity of the soil, you’ll need to discuss what must be done to prevent foundation failure later on. There are techniques to support new home construction better, or the soil can be worked on to be compacted.

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Ben Brackett, President of Brackett