Why Work With Us?

The advantage of the Brackett system is our focus on “common sense expertise” derived from years of field experience specializing in foundation repair. Our system and philosophy are based on sound field practices that position us to better understand the unique concerns and requirements of our installers like no other manufacturer can.

We provide quality control for manufacturing, and offer training and strong support for our national Dealer / Installer network.

How We Got Started

In 1972, Eric L. Brackett, a native of Durham North Carolina, started the Construction Company, Inc (EBCCI).  The company began building custom homes and remodeling existing homes with a primary emphasis on superior workmanship and construction methods. We quickly differentiated itself in the marketplace by providing its customers with exceptional quality well above required standards.

During the early years, EBCCI took on a number of foundation repair and stabilization projects. It utilized techniques such as slot or lug footings, or auger-cast concrete column underpins. The foundation repair activity was limited to ongoing projects where the company was already addressing other core building-related issues. Over time though, it placed more and more emphasis foundation issues exclusively.

In 1992, EBCCI recognized a need for innovation to improve antiquated foundation repair techniques. It began developing a number of adjustable lifting bracket systems, initially for use with auger cast concrete piles. The reliability and superior loading capacity of concrete piles of the system proved to be a market leader. Te system allowed for stabilization of settled structures, as well as significant lifting ability and recovery- which had not been possible before. Moreover, due to the ease of adjustment and dependability of concrete piles, EBCCI could confidently offer long-term warranties.

We Are Foundation Experts

In 1995, Brackett Foundation Support Systems, Inc. was formed to formalize the focus on foundation repair.  Installation, manufacturing and distribution of foundation support supplies and the training and support of their national network of installers is what our company does exclusively. Brackett Foundation Support Systems, Inc. represents a suite of proprietary foundation repair products that are capable of stabilizing and/or lifting residential and commercial foundations of all types. Our manufacturing facilities in China and India are among the most capable and conscientious facilities producing mechanically-advanced piles. Through strict material specification and on-going production testing, we are able to provide a quality product at a much more competitive price than most others in the marketplace.

In 2011, Brackett Foundation Repairs was founded to further focus on manufacturing the Brackett Foundation Support Systems and installation work in North Carolina, as well as to enhance market understanding of their foundation repair business expertise.

Ben Brackett, President of Brackett