Thank You!

July 2, 2014

I want to “formally” thank you for working with me on my house foundation project and for enabling the work to be accomplished in a timely and very professional manner. I appreciate your initial comprehensive assessment, your answering my numerous questions, your explanations, in addition to your monitoring, and your responsiveness throughout the entire process . I also value the engineer’s thorough evaluation and design recommendations and drawings.

Coincidentally, several of my vacation days fell on the same days that the men were working, so I had the opportunity to interface with them, and also to observe them working. You are fortunate to have such a terrific crew! Pedro, Poncho, Dago, and Martine all did their jobs exceedingly well. They were all knowledgeable, experienced, detail oriented, observant, thorough, careful, complete, and were mindful of every concern that I voiced. They interacted well together, and whenever there was a decision to be made, they shared ideas and each contributed in order to arrive at the best solution. They “left no stone unturned.” They “never cut corners” . They always finished each part of the project in an exceptional manner. I have not even one criticism (which is unusual for me.)

Throughout the years, I have respected and relied on L. E. Meyers, who I consider the “best builder in Durham”. He has given me sound building advice on numerous occasions. It is he who recommended Brackett Foundation to me. Once again I am indebted to him.

The work that you and the crew above did for me was outstanding…superb…A+.

If you ever have a potential client who is unsure whether or not to choose Brackett Foundation, or who needs a little encouragement or validation from someone with whom you have worked, I will be glad to give Brackett Foundation the highest recommendation at any time.

Thanks again,

Richard Goldner, Durham NC

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