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Foundation Repair Holly Springs

Holly Springs NC is a quaint little town just southwest of Raleigh. It’s a growing community with much charm. Most of the subdivisions are newer, within 10 years of age, however, there are some older homes. Settlement of a house can cause foundation issues anywher .... Read more...

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Foundation Repair Apex NC

Apex NC Homeowners would be amazed as how much damage can be done to their home by rainwater. Water is one of the biggest culprits to sinking foundations and causes the most foundation repairs for Apex NC residents. One of places that we look for foundation problems is aro .... Read more...

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Foundation Repair Cary NC

Residents say Cary NC is a wonderful place to live. Out-of-state newcomers flocked to Cary NC in the 1980s and it has been growing steadily ever since. Houses built in the 1980s are finding settlement issues now that their housing development has been around for over 20 yea .... Read more...

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Is your roof causing a foundation problem in Durham NC

Sometimes a foundation problem can stem from your roof. How? Architects like roofs with multiple peaks. Hip roofs tend to be popular but can cause a foundation problem in Durham NC. Roof discharge tends to be the biggest culprit for foundation problems. Gutters on a house H .... Read more...

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Chimney Foundation Problem Durham NC

Chimneys lean. Why call a foundation repair company vs a general contractor? The house can’t lean away from the chimney so the chimney would have to lean away from the house.  The only thing that can cause a chimney to lean away is failure of the foundation. Telltale sig .... Read more...

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