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Residents say Cary NC is a wonderful place to live. Out-of-state newcomers flocked to Cary NC in the 1980s and it has been growing steadily ever since.

Houses built in the 1980s are finding settlement issues now that their housing development has been around for over 20 years. Not all settlement issues are a problem to homeowners, especially if they are considering moving. If you are wondering about that crack you see, we can give you a peace of mind answer to your dilemma.

This is a chimney that is pulling away from the house. Because the foundation that supports such a large structure is very narrow, this is a common foundation problem for Cary NC homes.

The foundation repair for this Cary NC home is rather minor. 2 helical piers were installed to support the chimney against the home.

One area to ask about when selecting a foundation repair company in Cary NC is how do they handle repairing the landscaping around the work area. As you can see, the area was properly repaired for the Cary NC homeowner. Once the chimney was repaired, Brackett Foundation offers a quality assurance guarantee that they will restore the landscaping for the homeowner.

You can trust us to have the skills and knowledge for a successful foundation repair, knowing we will not do more than is needed to solve your foundation problem. We work and live in your community too.

Avoid costly repairs in the future. Simply ignoring, patching or covering up small problems now can lead to big headaches down the line. Call us at 919-806-5232 or fill out the online form to schedule getting your possible foundation issue checked today. It's free and the peace of mind can be priceless.  

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  1. Ryan Welch says:

    Chimney pulling away from my house. Need quote for repair.

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