Foundation Repair Holly Springs

Holly Springs NC is a quaint little town just southwest of Raleigh. It’s a growing community with much charm. Most of the subdivisions are newer, within 10 years of age, however, there are some older homes.

Settlement of a house can cause foundation issues anywhere from minor to major. This Holly Springs NC homeowner is lucky that the foundation repair was minor and they caught it quickly.

Our staff is trained to give specific foundation repair advice when evaluating Holly Springs NC homes. You can trust us to know if a crack in the foundation is ready to be repaired or just needs to be monitored.

Not every crack results in a costly foundation repair.

The soil that a home resides on can be a big culprit to foundation failure of a home. The soil contracts in the dry season and then expands too much in the wet season. Since it is winter, the soil will probably not expand enough to cause any foundation damage. If you do notice a crack while installing your Christmas lights, write it on your Things To Do list to have us come and check it out.

You can trust us when it comes to knowing foundation issues.

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