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Brackett Foundation Repairs’ Brackets and Helical Piles

Brackett Foundation Repairs designs and manufactures high quality steel brackets and helical piles (piles). Our team visits with businesses which use this kind of equipment, and with ones who would like to begin doing foundation repair. Brackett is known as having the bes .... Read more...

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Brackett’s Galvanized Steel Lifting Bracket

Brackett Foundation Repairs’ Galvanized Steel Lifting Bracket is one of the finest steel lifting brackets on the market. It was designed to support over 100,000 pounds of load. It stays put, unlike some other systems which tend to pull away from the building in the .... Read more...

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We Manufacture and Distribute Helical Piles

Brackett Foundation Repairs repairs foundations throughout North Carolina, and, we also manufacture and distribute helical piles (aka helical piles) for contractors and dealers throughout the US. We have a catalog of all the foundation repair parts we sell, but here are so .... Read more...

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Ben Brackett, President of Brackett