Water, Water Everywhere

Show of hands for all those delighted to see our long, yucky winter finally give way to the yellow pollen clouds and warmer weather of spring. And yes, “yucky” is not only a generally accepted meteorological term, but the most apt description of the cold, wet season recently departed.

The challenges of the temperature itself notwithstanding, all that precipitation can cause problems around the foundation of your home. Clay soil expands and contracts as moisture levels rise and fall, foundations can be undermined by moving water as soil is eroded from below, humidity levels cause damage to installation, mold growth, etc. In other words, the conditions of both your foundation and the underlying soil can’t remain static, and structural cracks and separations can often times result. That’s why proper water control is very important!

Oh, and here’s a dirty little secret no one will ever admit but I’ll share with you now: if your crawlspace is a moldy, muddy swamp, how do you think that will affect the costs of other services such as your pest control, plumber, or cable tv guy? Think about what you’d charge to lie in a few inches of water to check for termites or fix a cable line. Poor drainage affects everything!

While our specialty is structural repairs, we would be irresponsible to ignore this primary contributor to foundation failure. That’s why we also offer our experienced services for water control, water proofing, grading and drainage to ensure that not only is your house structurally sound, but that the environment around it contributes to the over all health of your home.

And, as a bonus, your pest guy won’t ignore your phone calls.

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We will help you determine what is going on and the best course of action to take so you’ll know for sure and take the uncertainty out of the situation.

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Ben Brackett, President of Brackett