Relax! It May Be Worse Than it Seems

During this time of year, it is not uncommon to see some foundation issues in your home appear to “get better” on their own.  Cracks may suddenly seem to close, or a leaning chimney may look like it has settled it’s differences with the house and is cozied back into place.

A holiday miracle? Perhaps.

But more likely, its a symptom of the same issue that caused the cracks in the first place: expansive clay soil.  As the fall & winter precip falls, the soil absorbs the water and expands, pushing up on the foundation.  This would cause the “healing” you’ve noticed.  Most often, it’s just a temporary reprieve.  Think of it as a “just kidding” from the clay soil fairies.

On  a positive note, if this is your situation you’ve gained a little time to move the foundation problem to the back burner and focus on Santa and the resolutions you won’t keep.  Make a mental note to check things out again once the weather begins to warm up.   This way you’ll have a better idea of the reality of your situation and be less stressed if you see the issues reappear because you understand how the fluctuations in the soil impact the house.

Let us help you regain your peace of mind. Give us a call today at 919-806-5232 or fill out the form on our web site. We can help you determine what is likely going on and the best course of action to take so you’ll know for sure and take the uncertainty out of your situation.

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