Landscape Protection while Foundation is Repaired

With summer in full bloom, so is your landscaping.  Even though the sun is giving it a beating, at Brackett Foundation we won’t.

We have written many articles about how we protect our client’s landscaping while repairing their foundation issues.  To understand our scope of work take a look at this articles.

Will Foundation Repair Hurt My Landscaping

Will getting your foundation repaired hurt your landscaping? As you may expect, it does depend. With foundation repair, we do have to dig along the side of your house to install foundation supports. So we have to see where the supports are needed to know if it impacts any of your landscaping.

Working with Landscaping

Foundation Repair in Morrisville: Before and After

This brick home in Morrisville, North Carolina needed foundation support on two sides of the house. These pictures show before and after scenes, the holes dug along the foundation walls, and the landscaping restored as it was afterwards.

Foundation Failure Repaired on Cary NC Home

Foundation failure can happen to anyone. Your home could be new, or old, made of brick, stone or concrete. You could have a basement or no basement. A chimney or none.

We want to help inform homeowners about the signs of foundation failure. That’s why were posting these blog posts with photos from the houses, buildings, chimneys and walls we’ve worked on. The more you as a homeowner understand, the better we all are for it.

Brackett Foundation Repairs Hard at Work Repairing North Carolina Homes

It’s hard work we do. Digging, shoveling, drilling, lifting very heavy brackets and helical piles, drills and drill heads. Working through concrete, between landscape shrubs and bushes, measuring everything, recording everything.

Brackett Foundation Repairs is Careful with Landscaping

At this foundation repair job in Fayetteville, North Carolina, there were rose bushes growing along the wall where we had to dig. This photo shows how we carefully position our equipment to protect the shrubs.

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