How important is an exterior water management system?

If you have standing water anywhere on your property within 30 feet of your foundation, your home may be vulnerable to foundation issues.

  • Poor drainage in your yard can damage your landscaping, plants and affect your foundation’s condition. And serve as a breeding ground for mosquitos and unsightly mold.
  • Poor Drainage Leaves Your Home Vulnerable
  • Water Management is Essential to Homeowner Maintenance
  • Proper Water Management is Critical to Long-Term Foundation Performance

Exterior water management is critical to protecting your home from leaks and saving your landscape from erosion. Installing a drainage system prevents water from building up and causing foundation or basement leaks.

Is the cause of too much water appearing from heavy rains or just a wet spot for about 4 months out of the year? If it’s too much rain causing your problem, you may need to bring in some dirt to fill in the area and have a slopping effect to help the flow go away or around your house. You can also put in a ‘french drain’ that will divert the water away or around your house.

Brackett Foundation will evaluate your yard and access the excess water along you’re your foundation cracks to determine the best course of action for improving your foundation’s performance and condition.

Brackett Foundation can protect your home and yard against the ravages of too much water.

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