House Leveling Jacks to Fix Unlevel Floors

Signs inside your home that call for house leveling jacks to fix unlevel floors.

House Leveling Jacks - Foundation Repair NCDo your doors not close correctly or are you seeing cracks in your ceramic tile?  Your home may need to use house leveling jacks to get it level on its foundation again.

How do you know that your foundation has shifted, causing your house to no longer be level? You will notice various symptoms in floors, walls, doors or exterior areas, which are tell-tail signs of an uneven foundation. If you see any of these types of changes in your home, most likely you will need to get house leveling jacks to correct the situation.

A sure sign of a foundation issue are uneven flooring tiles that have lifted for no apparent reason or tiles that start to crack. If you notice your hardwood flooring beginning to warp, and sag in sections are also signs that commonly occur.

Your doors and windows will be a big indicator of whether or not you will eventually need to get some house leveling jacks and straighten the house out. When the home was originally built and completely level, all of the doors and windows operated perfectly.

Once settling starts to occur, and house leveling jacks are needed, your doors won’t shut properly or maybe not at all. Your windows can be difficult to open and close, and may even start to stick. You could also notice cracks that appear at the corners of the windows.
Besides the doors, windows and floors showing signs of foundation changes, you may also notice cracking in the sheetrock that is adjacent to the windows and doors in your home.

If you suspect your home might need leveling and you don’t have any prior experience using house leveling jacks or doing this type of a job, it would be best to call us to come out and do the leveling for you.

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