Foundation Repair Installer Training – How it Works

Our Foundation Repair Installer Training is fully explained on our Website but we thought you might find it helpful to see the key points here.

1. An overview of the type of business you currently operate and your business goals which you submit through our Dealer Information Form.

2. We send you information on our system, including product line details and general pricing.

3. We schedule a visit at your facility or ours after you’ve read the material.

4. We’ll go over questions and concerns you may and determine what types of equipment you need start.

5. Brackett Foundation Repairs can provide all the equipment you need, though you’ll probably be able to find some locally to your business.

6. Now it’s up to you! If you chose to become a partner, we sign an agreement naming your company as a Dealer/Certified Installer for Brackett Foundation Repairs with no franchise fees or royalty payments of any kind.

7. All the support, training, manuals and records we give you are included with no extra charge to you, you only pay for installation tools and the products themselves.

8. After signing the agreement, we can arrange to certify your employees as installers of the Brackett line of foundation repair products.

9. The training includes causes of foundation failure like expansive soil conditions as well as the characteristics and strengths of the helical piles and brackets and other products.

10. Our trainers will assist your crews in their first installation as a part of certification.

11. Upon completion, all members of your installation crew(s) will receive cards indicating that they are Certified Brackett Foundation Repairs Installers.

12. Brackett Foundation Repairs can help you with pricing, marketing and additional training needs based on its 30 years experience and over 1000 foundations repaired. Just contact us when you have questions.

We consider our Dealers valuable partners in the industry, and our goal is to provide you with the necessary tools to succeed. Contact us now for more information on becoming a Dealer/Certified Installer.


We’re Brackett Foundation Repairs in Durham, North Carolina. We train foundation repair contractors and installers from North Carolina and the United States and supply helical piles and brackets all over the US. Call us at (919) 806-5232. We’ll give you answers.

Ben Brackett, President of Brackett