Foundation Repair for a Brick Home in Wilson

This elegant brick home in Wilson, North Carolina had major cracks in its brick walls on the outside. There were also signs of cracking in interior walls and on window frames and sills, but the major signs were outside.

Brick home in Wilson North Carolina with interior and exterior cracks

Notice the cracks between the molding and the ceiling.

See the crack in the wall

Digging a trench to get to the foundation and install helical piles for support

Notice the cracks in the brick under the roof, by the down spout

Notice the crack from under the roof to the window cornice. It cracks right through the bricks.

We installed helical piles to support the foundation. 

You’re seeing the fully installed and braced helical pile, surrounded by gravel for drainage support.

We’re Brackett Foundation Repairs in Durham, North Carolina. We were the first foundation repair business in the Triangle and we do foundation repair throughout North Carolina and the United States. Call us at (919) 806-5232. We fixed your neighbor’s home.

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Ben Brackett, President of Brackett