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Are you seeing cracks in your Louisburg Home?

A crack in your foundation doesn’t automatically require an extensive foundation repair solution.  Sometimes cracking is merely cosmetic. How can you tell? Basically, you can’t tell. Your best bet is to find a foundation repair professional and invite them out to take .... Read more...

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Can your soil cause Slab Concrete Foundation problems?

“It’s the soil.”  The soil gets blamed for many foundation problems. If your slab concrete foundation sits on heavy clay soils that dry out , then swell up when heavy rains come, the foundation is in danger of movement. It’s exactly this kind of expanding then shri .... Read more...

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House Leveling Jacks to Fix Unlevel Floors

Signs inside your home that call for house leveling jacks to fix unlevel floors. Do your doors not close correctly or are you seeing cracks in your ceramic tile?  Your home may need to use house leveling jacks to get it level on its foundation again. How do you know that y .... Read more...

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Leaning Chimney problems in Apex NC Home

Because your chimney is the heaviest portion of your home, there is a lot of weight for such a small area.  If your foundation or soil isn’t stable, your chimney will start to lean or bricks can crack.  Chimney brick cracks are a sign that you have a house settlement pr .... Read more...

April 1st, 2012 by Brackett Foundation Repairs | 2 Comments »

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