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Foundation Cracks and Repairs Inside and Out a Durham Home

Signs of foundation failure come in the form of subtle and not-so-subtle cracks. In this Durham home, we photographed both interior cracks that might not alarm anyone, and cracks in the brick exterior and in the cement block in the crawl space which should definitely catch .... Read more...

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Signs of Foundation Failure: Cracks in Bricks

One of the many signs of possible foundation failure is cracks in bricks – brick siding, brick foundations, brick walls and brick fireplaces. Take a look at some of these pictures. Cracks in brick sometimes cut through the mortar, and other times crack the bricks in t .... Read more...

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Foundation Repair for a Brick Home in Wilson

This elegant brick home in Wilson, North Carolina had major cracks in its brick walls on the outside. There were also signs of cracking in interior walls and on window frames and sills, but the major signs were outside. Brick home in Wilson North Carolina with interior and .... Read more...

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