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Signs of Foundation Failure in a Cary NC Home

We’re showing these pictures of cracks in homes that have had foundation failure so that homeowners may begin to be more aware of what cracks can mean. Any one crack may not be indicate a problem, but when looked together with other cracks, they begin to tell a differ .... Read more...

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Foundation Problems on North Carolina Soil

North Carolina is known for high biodiversity made possible by NC’s wide range of climates, soils and topography. This variety of climate, soils and topography however results in a  range of foundation problems for homes and buildings. NC’s different climates .... Read more...

February 17th, 2011 by Brackett Foundation Repairs | 1 Comment »

Foundation Support for a Retaining Wall

After driving a series of piles into the earth until they hit solid supportive ground, we placed square plates on the piles to be welded on as a base. A welder welding the flat squares atop the helical piles After the welding, the plates lay flat atop the helical piles. (Up .... Read more...

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Working with Landscaping

We cover the home landscaping with plastic sheeting to protect it. Whenever possible we preserve existing landscaping and work around the shrubs as you see in this picture. This is a bracket and helical pile attached to the home foundation and firmly planted deep undergroun .... Read more...

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