Signs of Foundation Failure in a Cary NC Home

We’re showing these pictures of cracks in homes that have had foundation failure so that homeowners may begin to be more aware of what cracks can mean. Any one crack may not be indicate a problem, but when looked together with other cracks, they begin to tell a different story, one that a foundation repair company like Brackett Foundation Repair, can read. These pictures are from a brick house in Cary, North Carolina.

Notice the crack below the window sill between it and the baseboard.

Cracks between the mortar of the brick wall

The outdoor window sill has a crack between the mortar.

Notice two crack lines from the ceiling towards the upper corner of the window frame

Cracks in the walls above the windows

The pictures of the wall cracks above the windows can be seen better when clicked on and enlarged.

Avoid costly repairs in the future. Simply ignoring, patching or covering up small problems now can lead to big headaches down the line. Call us at 919-806-5232 or fill out the online form to schedule getting your possible foundation issue checked today. It's free and the peace of mind can be priceless.  

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Ben Brackett, President of Brackett