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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Repairs?

Usually homeowners insurance  does not cover “settlement” related damage. It is excluded from homeowner’s insurance policies. Still it never hurts to ask in the event there are extenuating circumstances such as broken water pipes and such that might quali .... Read more...

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How Not to Chose a Foundation Repair Contractor

You’ve found signs of foundation problems, or foundation failure. Maybe you’ve been through the stages of denial, anger, despair and surrender and you’re ready to call in the pros to hear the worst. Or maybe you take it coolly, and you know what you have t .... Read more...

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Brackett Installs New Construction Piling

Often we think of foundation repair with older buildings, after the earth under them has settled. But we also do preventive work. When builders are building on ground which doesn’t provide adequate support for the buildings, new construction helical piles can be insta .... Read more...

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Brackett’s Helical Piles

Brackett Foundation Repairs manufactures two types of helical piles or piles: Brackett Cylindrical-Shaft Helicals Brackett Standard-Duty Helicals The Cylindrical-Shaft Helicals provide higher support capacity and more lateral stability than standard solid-shaft helical p .... Read more...

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Will Foundation Repair Hurt My Landscaping

Will getting your foundation repaired hurt your landscaping? As you may expect, it does depend. With foundation repair, we do have to dig along the side of your house to install foundation supports. So we have to see where the supports are needed to know if it impacts any o .... Read more...

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