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Midwest Drought Shows How Important Water is to Your Foundation

The major drought that has taken hold of the Midwest is causing many problems.  One of the unexpected issues from the lack of rain is houses are shifting and becoming uneven due to the soil contracting. Homes are becoming casualties of the weather. Some of the recent news .... Read more...

September 12th, 2012 by Brackett Foundation Repairs | No Comments »

Foundation Cracks and Repairs Inside and Out a Durham Home

Signs of foundation failure come in the form of subtle and not-so-subtle cracks. In this Durham home, we photographed both interior cracks that might not alarm anyone, and cracks in the brick exterior and in the cement block in the crawl space which should definitely catch .... Read more...

February 20th, 2012 by Brackett Foundation Repairs | No Comments »

A Wall Crack: When Is it Serious?

Are you seeing a crack in one of your home walls?We know wall cracks are something no home owner ever wants to find.In the best case, it means something that can be fixed with a little spackle and paint; a one beer home-improvement project, or at most two if you sand the .... Read more...

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