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Brackett Foundation Repairs is Careful with Landscaping

At this foundation repair job in Fayetteville, North Carolina, there were rose bushes growing along the wall where we had to dig. This photo shows how we carefully position our equipment to protect the shrubs. Foundation repair often requires digging next to the foundation, .... Read more...

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Working with Landscaping

We cover the home landscaping with plastic sheeting to protect it. Whenever possible we preserve existing landscaping and work around the shrubs as you see in this picture. This is a bracket and helical pile attached to the home foundation and firmly planted deep undergroun .... Read more...

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Will Foundation Repair Hurt My Landscaping

Will getting your foundation repaired hurt your landscaping? As you may expect, it does depend. With foundation repair, we do have to dig along the side of your house to install foundation supports. So we have to see where the supports are needed to know if it impacts any o .... Read more...

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