Three Top Criteria for Choosing a Foundation Repair Company

This crack says “Foundation Failure” in no uncertain terms

In 2010 we wrote a post about how to choose a foundation repair contractor.

We’d like to update that post with this one, and focus on the 3 top criteria for choosing a foundation repair company.

  1. Experience.
  2. Reputation.
  3. Locally Owned and Managed.

1. Experience. Generally the company with the most experience is the one that has been the most successful. They’ve stayed in business through the years, weathering the ups and downs of this economy. You want the benefit of their years of work, seeing hundreds of homes and buildings, and all kinds of foundation failure issues.

2. Reputation. You’ll want to check online, with your neighbors and friends what they’ve heard about the company. Are there any big complaints online? Is the company known for the quality of their work, their responsiveness and their warranty?

3. Locally Owned and Managed. This last one may be the least understood. It’s great to support locally owned and managed businesses. Good for the local economy, for keeping money local. But that’s not the reason we’re listing it.

The reason you want to hire a locally owned and managed foundation repair company is that franchises, which are locally owned and managed, but under a licensed franchiser, have a high turnover rate. Your contact is with the franchisee, not the national franchiser, so if the local operator goes out of business, you have no recourse.

With foundation repair, you have a tremendous advantage if the company that comes out to check your house one year, is the same company you can call three years later when the cracks have gotten bigger. And when the same company that you hire to install foundation support is the same company and the same people you can call back three years later if another part of the house begins to show signs of foundation failure, you really come to understand the value of a locally owned and managed foundation repair company with decades of experience and a quality reputation.

You decide.

Call two contracting companies to get their opinions and quotes. Then call Brackett Foundation Repairs.

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Ben Brackett, President of Brackett