Home & Building Inspectors and Foundation Failure

When home owners and commercial property owners list their properties for sale, often they don’t hire an inspector themselves.

Sellers often wait for the potential buyer to hire the inspector to see what surfaces. Many times that works out fine. Sometimes, it’s the end of the deal. With an interested buyer and a contract on the table, if the inspection turns up serious concerns, you could lose your buyer just like that.

And if the problem is with a foundation failure, buyers get seriously spooked.

Don’t get caught off guard. If you see any signs of foundation failure – indoor or outdoor cracks, doors and windows not closing as they used to – call in a foundation repair company to take a look. Initial visits are usually free.

You could also hire an inspector yourself and learn what your future buyer will find out about, so you can decide what to repair ahead of time, or be better prepared for negotiations.

With any negotiation, the more information you have, the better you’ll be able to negotiate. Be prepared. Know if you have any foundation failure issues.


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Ben Brackett, President of Brackett