Foundation Repair in Elon, NC

Repairing foundations throughout North Carolina, Brackett Foundation Repairs gets to travel to some of North Carolina’s historic sites. We were pleased to be chosen to work with Elon University, a university that was founded over 110 years ago, in 1889.

Construction going on at the University

We needed to provide support for one of the foundation walls. We inserted a helical pile and added steel braces cemented it to the foundation, to provide a strong connection for helical pile and bracket to connect to in accordance with a design by a local professional engineer.

The helical pile has been drilled into the ground next to the foundation wall that needs support (see the drill to the right).

Inserting the steel beams on the building foundation.

The brackets are connected to the steel beams.

After the dirt is replaced covering up the hole where the helical piles were placed.

Brackett Foundation repairs travels to do foundation repair. In this post we show pictures of work we did on a historic building in Elon, North Carolina

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(Updated 8/22/2011)

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Ben Brackett, President of Brackett