Foundation Failure and Repair in the Back of a Durham Home

No one is ever ready to see the damage that foundation failure causes. If you’re lucky you see it when it starts and can watch it to see if it’s serious. Sometimes, life keeps us busy, and when we notice, there’s a crack like this one, in an older Durham home.

There is a chimney in the back of this house

Crack in cinder blocks in a Durham home foundation, not a sight you want to see.

We had to dig up under the cement to get to the edge of the foundation under the house

For this repair, we went “down under”. Look how deep under the surface of the ground this man is.

Here you see the helical pile attached by a bracket to the cement foundation, and the pump that is drilling it deeper

The cinder blocks have been cemented back into place

Everything put back as it was, only now with the needed foundation support

This home didn’t have landscaping in their backyard, no grass or bushes, so there was no landscaping to protect or restore.

Are you seeing cracks in your home, wall or commercial building that concern you? Give Brackett Foundation Repair a call. We’ll be glad to answer your questions.

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Ben Brackett, President of Brackett