Brick Chimney in Raleigh Separates from House

Brick Chimney Separating from Raleigh Home

Believe it or not, a lot of chimneys in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area of North Carolina begin to separate from the house after a number of years. If you’re noticing some changes around your fire place indoors, or a growing gap between your brick chimney and the siding of your home, call in a foundation repair company to check it out for you. If you haven’t looked, take a close look. Know what’s happening in your home.

Here are some pictures from a Raleigh house, where the brick chimney showed signficant separation from the house, outside, with less visible signs inside.

Outside you can see how wide the gap between the chimney and the house had gotten. Inside, however the signs were more subtle to the untrained eye.

See the gap between the molding and the ceiling

See the vertical crack between the molding and the door frame.

See the separation of the molding from the ceiling on the left, and the vertical crack between the ceiling molding and the door molding on the right. All from the stress of the chimney separating by pulling away from the house.

In the next set of photos, we have before and after pictures of the wood floor next to the fireplace. On the left side of the picture, where the brick corner is connected to the wood floor, you’ll see the shadow of a gap, as the brick fireplace began to pull away from the house. It may look small, but as you saw from the first picture, the story on the outside of the house was serious.

Before – See the gap between the wood floor and the brick.

After repair, seen from the other side, the gap between the floor and the brick is gone.

On the right, in a photo taken from the other side, the same corner is now snug, with no gap. The chimney has now been supported and the fireplace has been repositioned correctly in the house.

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