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foundation repair providing helical pile support to the foundation

Three helical piles in close proximity were attached to the foundation of this brick Chapel Hill building

Foundation Failure.

What causes foundation failure? Does age of the house matter? Are new houses safe from foundation failure? Preventing foundation failure in new homes? Protection from foundation failure?

Foundation related problems.

Chimney gap. Basement walls leak and bow. Cracks in walls. Doors won’t close. Water under my house. Dry crawlspace.

Foundation Repair.

How are foundations repaired? Insurance coverage? Different quotes and different solutions. What does foundation repair look like? What does a helical pile look like? What do brackets look like?

Brackett Foundation Repairs

ReferencesLength of time in businessGuarantees on workCost of estimates. Financing? Speed of completion? How is Brackett different from other foundation repair businesses? History of Brackett Foundation companies. Best way to contact you? Do you do presentations for realtors and other businesses? What is your service area? What do customers say?

Brackett Foundation Repairs

Grass Replanted After Foundation Repair Work is Complete

How is your support system better for foundation repair? What’s the big deal about galvanized steel? Are you more expensive? What foundation support products does Brackett manufacture?

Landscaping and Foundation Repair

Effect on landscaping? Are trees a problem? Can I keep my trees? Examples of protecting the landscaping?

Foundation Support & Repairs

New home porches. Front steps. Separating chimney. New retaining wall. Historic buildings.

We’re Brackett Foundation Repairs in Durham, North Carolina. We were the first foundation repair business in the Triangle and we do foundation repair throughout North Carolina and the United States. Call us at (919) 806-5232. We’ll give you answers.

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