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How Soon Do I Need to Do Something about the Foundation Crack I Found?

Cracks in the foundation can change quickly or slowly. How fast they’re changing is an important factor. If a crack isn’t showing signs of movement, and you keep an eye on it, it may be that you don’t have to do anything about it. We say “may be̶ .... Read more...

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Brackett’s Galvanized Steel Lifting Bracket

Brackett Foundation Repairs’ Galvanized Steel Lifting Bracket is one of the finest steel lifting brackets on the market. It was designed to support over 100,000 pounds of load. It stays put, unlike some other systems which tend to pull away from the building in the .... Read more...

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You’ve Found a Crack in Your House, Now You’ve Got Questions

You’ve just found a crack in your house. An inside wall. The foundation, whether brick, or stone or concrete. Between the house and the steps or the chimney. Something’s definitely not right. You’re going to have a lot of questions. Cracks in the walls abo .... Read more...

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Brackett Foundation Repairs Products

If you need to get foundation repair products like brackets and helical piles quickly. If your supplier is out of stock, and you’re looking for an affordable supplier without a lot of red tape where you can get what you need when you need it. Our philosophy is to make .... Read more...

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We Manufacture and Distribute Helical Piles

Brackett Foundation Repairs repairs foundations throughout North Carolina, and, we also manufacture and distribute helical piles (aka helical piles) for contractors and dealers throughout the US. We have a catalog of all the foundation repair parts we sell, but here are so .... Read more...

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