How Soon Do I Need to Do Something about the Foundation Crack I Found?

When you find a crack in your foundation, it’s to your advantage to call right away and get a professional opinion. If there’s nothing to worry about, you can have us mark the crack to monitor future movement, and then you have peace of mind, and to-do to look at it a year down the road. If there is something to be concerned about, you can be informed and begin to make plans. Be pro-active – call for a professional opinion today.

You’ve Found a Crack in Your House, Now You’ve Got Questions

When you first see a crack in your house, whether an inside wall or the foundation, it can be shocking. Many questions come up. How bad is it? Can it be repaired? How much will it cost? We recommend calling a couple of foundation repair contractors today to learn about the problem and the solution. Knowing more about it, and with estimates in hand, your next steps will be much clearer.

There’s a crack in my foundation, what do I do?

What to do after finding a crack in the brick, stone or concrete foundation of your home or commercial building? We recommend you call 2 – 3 local foundation repair companies and listen to what they have to say before making a decision. You can also call in a structural engineer for an independent opinion. Call us too, at (888) 968-5912.