Midwest Drought Shows How Important Water is to Your Foundation

The major drought that has taken hold of the Midwest is causing many problems.  One of the unexpected issues from the lack of rain is houses are shifting and becoming uneven due to the soil contracting. Homes are becoming casualties of the weather. Some of the recent news stories regarding the drought and it’s affect…

Foundation Cracks and Repairs Inside and Out a Durham Home

Signs of foundation failure come in the form of subtle and not-so-subtle cracks. In this Durham home, we photographed both interior cracks that might not alarm anyone, and cracks in the brick exterior and in the cement block in the crawl space which should definitely catch your attention. In the case of this Durham home,…

Signs of Foundation Failure in Brick Chapel Hill Building

Cracks in buildings are everywhere. But which ones are signs of foundation failure? That’s where you have to bring in experienced professionals to piece together the story that the cracks are telling. In this Chapel Hill, North Carolina brick building, there were exterior cracks in the bricks, and interior cracks in cinder blocks.

Leaning Chimney? It’s a Foundation Repair Issue

Brackett Foundation Repair is getting calls about leaning chimneys, where chimney’s lean away from the house. Because chimney’s aren’t structurally connected to houses and are so heavy, they put more load on the soil under them, and are likely to shift over time. A leaning chimney is a foundation repair issue.

You’ve Found a Crack in Your House, Now You’ve Got Questions

When you first see a crack in your house, whether an inside wall or the foundation, it can be shocking. Many questions come up. How bad is it? Can it be repaired? How much will it cost? We recommend calling a couple of foundation repair contractors today to learn about the problem and the solution. Knowing more about it, and with estimates in hand, your next steps will be much clearer.