Foundation Repair in Chapel Hill: A Leaning Chimney

Chimney’s can separate from homes and when they do, foundation repair is one of the solutions. Brackett Foundation Repair has worked on hundreds of chimneys in it’s decades of doing business in North Carolina. This blog post shows the signs of foundation failure inside a house and the supports installed for the chimney.

Signs of Foundation Failure in Brick Chapel Hill Building

Cracks in buildings are everywhere. But which ones are signs of foundation failure? That’s where you have to bring in experienced professionals to piece together the story that the cracks are telling. In this Chapel Hill, North Carolina brick building, there were exterior cracks in the bricks, and interior cracks in cinder blocks.

North Carolina Soils Vary in How They Affect Foundations

Learning about a regions soils helps us understand foundation stability issues. North Carolina’s Regions from the shore to the mountains each have their own soil conditions. There are several main areas: Tidewater, Inner Coastal Plain, Piedmont, (where Brackett Foundation Repair is located), and Mountains (or Blue Ridge). The Tidewater region is often considered part of…