Sloping or uneven floor might be a sign of a foundation problem in North Carolina

What if you were going to buy a home and notice the floors seem a bit sloping or uneven? A.    Extra charm at no additional expense (the owner’s perspective) B.    A structurally-unsound home (the inexperienced home inspector’s perspective) C.    An ability to hose down your dining room floor (the practical homeowner’s perspective) Sloped floors are…

Foundation Repair in Morrisville: Before and After

This brick home in Morrisville, North Carolina needed foundation support on two sides of the house. These pictures show before and after scenes, the holes dug along the foundation walls, and the landscaping restored as it was afterwards. Brackett Foundation Repair provides foundation repair for home and commercial buildings in Morrisville and surrounding towns in…

Leaning Chimney? It’s a Foundation Repair Issue

Brackett Foundation Repair is getting calls about leaning chimneys, where chimney’s lean away from the house. Because chimney’s aren’t structurally connected to houses and are so heavy, they put more load on the soil under them, and are likely to shift over time. A leaning chimney is a foundation repair issue.

How Soon Do I Need to Do Something about the Foundation Crack I Found?

When you find a crack in your foundation, it’s to your advantage to call right away and get a professional opinion. If there’s nothing to worry about, you can have us mark the crack to monitor future movement, and then you have peace of mind, and to-do to look at it a year down the road. If there is something to be concerned about, you can be informed and begin to make plans. Be pro-active – call for a professional opinion today.