Chimney Foundation Problem Durham NC

Chimneys lean. Why call a foundation repair company vs a general contractor? The house can’t lean away from the chimney so the chimney would have to lean away from the house.  The only thing that can cause a chimney to lean away is failure of the foundation. Telltale signs that you would look for. Gap…

Foundation Repair in Chapel Hill: A Leaning Chimney

Chimney’s can separate from homes and when they do, foundation repair is one of the solutions. Brackett Foundation Repair has worked on hundreds of chimneys in it’s decades of doing business in North Carolina. This blog post shows the signs of foundation failure inside a house and the supports installed for the chimney.

Leaning Chimney? It’s a Foundation Repair Issue

Brackett Foundation Repair is getting calls about leaning chimneys, where chimney’s lean away from the house. Because chimney’s aren’t structurally connected to houses and are so heavy, they put more load on the soil under them, and are likely to shift over time. A leaning chimney is a foundation repair issue.